John Grisham’s THE CONFESSION Is Making It Rain

John Grisham

The latest work from author John Grisham has been an unstoppable force, thanks in large part to its eBook launch. Grisham’s newest novel, “The Confession,” sold 70,000 eBook copies during the first week and accounted for one-third of the copies sold.

This was the first time a Grisham novel had been released as an eBook version at the same time the hardcover edition was released. In the novel, a man allows another innocent man to go to jail for a crime he committed. Hardcover editions of Grisham’s latest work sold 160,000 copies through the end of October.

Releasing hardcover and eBook editions of books is becoming more common place. Sales of eBook versions in September were up 158% from the same month in 2009 and represented $39.9 million in sales.

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