THE KID, Sequel to “PRECIOUS”, Sold by Sapphire

Ramona Lofton, who goes by the pen name Sapphire, has recently sold her second novel to Penguin Press. Lofton’s first novel, “Push,” was sold to Penguin Press as well.

Her second novel, entitled “The Kid,” is generally considered to be a sequel to “Push.” In the second book, the main character’s son (from “Push”) is followed through life as he grows into manhood. He is described as being alone in life and possessing within him the soul of an artist.

Lofton’s first novel was adapted for the big screen as the movie “Precious.” Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher earned an Oscar for the script and Mo’Nique the best supporting Oscar. Gabourey Sidibe was nominated for the best actress Oscar as well for her role.

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  • Chris Roberts

    There are Many Kids

    Harlem never was and never will be the place to frame an “against all
    odds” story. This is a tale told twice, thrice and counting. The famed
    One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Street hasn’t moved. Life is still the
    same: every waking hour is a struggle for children and adults and the
    latter can be considered orphaned by an uncaring system.

    Exactly how is Abdul different than a child in Haiti? The boy or
    girl in Haiti has absolutely nothing, Abdul still eats and is clothed.
    I’m more willing to pull for a kid in Soweto than one in Baltimore,
    Detroit or the perpetually alienated Harlem. It is author’s like
    Sapphire that strip mine the ghetto, taking, and reinforcing the mindset
    that Harlem is a slum-scape. Harlem is much deeper than that, so much
    more vital.