Coolest Library Ever?

Book lovers, do you ever daydream about having your own personal library? I usually picture mine as having lots of dark wood, built-in shelves, a fireplace, and leather chairs. But when I came across the library pictured above, I fell in love. It looks like it’s floating up in the trees! How cool is that?

The library was designed by New York architect Andrew Berman as a writing studio/library for a historian in Long Island. Here are a few more pictures.

So what would your dream library look like?

(via: GalleyCat)

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  • Ruth

    Mine would have what you mentioned for your dream library plus a wood floor with an area rug, one of those sliding ladders and a hidden panel that led into a private office. Also some nice lighting that would create a peaceful glow.

  • Marcos Filipe G. Capella

    Harmony! Sometimes I wish I had a library in the middle of the city, the crowd around it but inside my library it’d be “quitness”. I can’t bear being in the middle of nowhere….

  • Sandie

    It’s definitely a fun library, but I think my library would be closer to what Ruth described.

    The most important would be the sliding ladders. Have always dreamed of trying a huge one :-)

  • David

    As many of my family and friends know, someday I WILL have my own library. I have had many a time to think on this and here is what I have decided so far.

    Dark Wood built in shelves that go high up
    Wooden floors with one of those REALLY thick rugs
    Sliding ladder
    Big Oak office desk
    A really comfortable sitting area (mini firdge hidden somewhere)
    One of Globes that opens to a Scotch cabinet (sweet baby Jesus)

    Now can someone please loan me a few bob so I can go and get this :)

    • Kristen

      David – I like the way you think. Your library sounds amazing! I like that everyone’s dream library includes a sliding ladder. Those are really cool.

  • David Gibb

    I am pleased to announe I have received a 16th Century Italian Replica Globe Bar….One step closer :)

    • Sandie