Nook Color Ready to Ship Next Week

Nook Color

The latest e-reader to hit the market, the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble, will be ready to ship starting November 26th. The e-reader producer announced Tuesday that pre-orders of the new Nook Color have begun shipping already.

Those who pre-ordered a Nook Color online or at an in-store location will start receiving their Nook Colors in the mail as early as Tuesday, with the remainder expected to arrive throughout the week. In addition, a limited number of units will be arriving at retailers such as Best Buy, Books-a-million, and Wal-Mart within the week for general sales.

Barnes & Noble has experienced such heavy demand for the device that new shipments will not begin arriving again until November 26th. The company has advised consumers to purchase as early as possible to guarantee arrival before the end of the year.

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