GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen [Review]

Garden Spells book

GARDEN SPELLS is Sarah Addison Allen’s first novel, and my favorite of hers to date. The book is enchanting; there isn’t a better word to describe it. From page one I was sucked in and the story didn’t let me go until the very last sentence.

Taking place in Bascom North Carolina, Garden Spells is the story of two sisters: Sydney and Claire Waverly. The sisters are estranged, they haven’t seen each other in years, and even when they were in touch, it wasn’t always the best relationship.

Claire is living alone in the old Waverly house until one day when Sydney turns up on her doorstep with her daughter Bay in tow. Sydney, Claire, and little Bay learn to coexist in the same house together, and also learn a lot about themselves through each other within the pages of the story.

While it sounds like a family drama, Garden Spells is much more than that. The Waverly’s are different. Each Waverly possesses a different talent. Bay has a knock for knowing exactly where things belong, and it doesn’t matter what the object is. From forks to people, she can find the proper place for everything.

Claire is the town caterer, and known for using fruit, herbs and flowers from the Waverly garden in her cooking. What’s special about this is that each dish that Claire prepares has side effects. Using the right mixture, Claire can make people remember, make people forget, bring a lost love back; whatever her clients request.

Sydney on the other hand doesn’t use the skills she has from the Waverly family, but through the story it’s clear that she can’t run from her family secret.

Garden Spells is a great journey of self discovery, and offers some life lessons that I found myself relating with a little too well. It’s sweet, romantic, and a great read. I would (and have) recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a little magic with their fiction.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Bantam Books | Pages: 286 | Buy on Amazon

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