iPad 2 On The Way?


Still wish you could read books on an iPad without the reflection? Well maybe the iPad 2 will fulfilll that wish. At least one industry analyst expects to see a new iPad 2 on the market next year from Apple. Brian Marshall, an analyst with Gleacher and Company, made his assumption based upon hardware manufacturers based in Asia.

Marshall told Computerworld in an interview that he is expecting to see an iPad 2 hit the market by the spring of 2011. The first generation iPad has already sold 7.5 million units, but is already facing stiff competition from competing tablets. Among them, the Samsung Galaxy Tab which runs on Google/Android is providing the biggest competition. Other competitors include a tablet from Sylvania and the new Blackberry Playbook which releases in early 2011.

While no major changes are expected in the form of the iPad, it is expected to get new front- and rear-facing cameras.

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