Holiday Ads – Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color vs. Amazon’s Kindle

eReaders are expected to be the hot gift this holiday season, and both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have launched TV ad campaigns for their devices.

Barnes & Noble‘s new TV commercial for the Nook Color, called “Love of Reading,” premiered on Monday. The 30-second spot will air during Glee, Dancing with the Stars, Saturday Night Live, and more, and on cable networks including Bravo, E!, Lifetime, Oxygen, and others. The ad shows people reading magazines and children’s books, highlighting the color and video features of the Nook Color. Check the commercial out below.

Meanwhile, Amazon has been airing two holiday commercials for the Kindle. The first one has people reading the Kindle is a variety of places, showing off its portability (and that it’s kid and dog proof). The second ad goes for the warm and fuzzy holiday feeling by showing a grandma giving a Kindle to her imaginative grandson. Check them out below.

So which ad do you like the best? Do any of them make you want to buy an ereader this holiday season?

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