What To Buy Kids on Black Friday: iPads


In case it wasn’t clear enough already, the simple days in life are gone. Lego’s, books, and Barbie dolls apparently won’t cut it anymore as a recent Nielsen survey of 6-12 year old American children showed that the Apple iPad is at the top of the holiday wish list.

The iPad from Apple ranked at the top of the list for 6-12 year old children in the U.S., followed closely by a personal computer and iPod touch. The latter two tech items tied for second place on the list. The results of the survey are particularly shocking given that the iPad has been marketed more toward adults and older children. The iPad landed at fourth place on the wish list of those 13 and older who were surveyed.

It is particularly shocking to see such a sophisticated piece of technology on the wish list of youngsters. Many children have no doubt seen it in action through a parent or heard about it at school. Either way, most parents are not likely to shell out $500 on an iPad for such young children.

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