THE GIRL WHO CHASED THE MOON by Sarah Addison Allen [Review]

The Girl Who Chased the Moon book

In her most recent novel, THE GIRL WHO CHASED THE MOON, Sarah Addison Allen outdid herself. While Garden Spells is MY personal favorite of her novels, I feel that The Girl Who Chased the Moon is where Allen really shines.

I finished the book in one sitting, it only took me 3 hours, and I fell in love with every word. The story follows Emily, and 17 year old whose mother has just died. She is sent to live with her grandfather, a man that she didn’t even know existed in Mullaby, North Carolina.

When she arrives, she discovers that things in Mullaby aren’t everything that they seem. Her grandfather is literally 8 feet tall, the wallpaper in her bedroom changes depending on her mood, and the town is full of secrets; and they revolve around her mother.

Emily starts out the novel as this timid, shy teenager, but through the pages and Allen’s writing, you really see her develop into herself. She becomes confident, and instead of feeling like she doesn’t belong, she finds her place in a town where it’s frowned upon if you’re not different.

Allen has a way of taking a story that everyone can relate to and injecting just the right amount of magic and supernatural elements to make it interesting. And even though you’re reading technically a “coming of age” novel, the magic and fantasy don’t feel out of place. It’s woven into the story is such a way that it would feel wrong if it WEREN’T there.

I was disappointed when I finished The Girl Who Chased the Moon. I wanted more story about Mullaby, and much more information about Emily and the people that she encounters on her journey.

Allen is a suburb story teller, and this shines brilliantly through The Girl Who Chased the Moon. It’s a fast read, an easy read, but one that will stick with you for a long time. I’m really looking forward to Sarah’s next novel and the journey that she’ll create!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Bantam Books 2010 | Pages: 269 | Buy on Amazon

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