Acer Challenges iPad with Three New Tablets

Acer Tablet

Another electronics brand is throwing its name in the cap that is the tablet market, with Acer announcing plans for three new tablets, two running on Android and one on Windows.

Acer is a well known name in the laptop world and will now try their hand in the tablet market, which is currently dominated by Apple’s iPad. Two of Acer’s planned tablets will run on the Android system. One tablet will be a 7-inch model with a touch screen, front-facing webcam, HDMI support, WiFi and 3G capability, and a dual-core processor. The second Android tablet will be a 10.1-inch model will have all the features of the 7-inch plus a multi-touch system and gyro-meter for playing games. The Windows model will be a 10.1-inch model will have many of the capabilities of the two Android models, but will also have dual cameras, front and rear-facing, as well as a docking station for use with keyboard.

All three tablets are expected to hit the market in 2011. Acer has said the Windows model will be available by February, with an April launch planned for both Android models.

The more tablets are coming on the market, the more opportunities there are to challenge traditional eReaders as iPad has so far failed to accomplish. Will Acer succeed where iPad has failed? Only time will tell.

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