Kindle and iPad Driving E-Reader Popularity

Kindle and iPad

Digital reading devices, driven by the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle, have rapidly begun to penetrate the marketplace for books. The evidence to support this theory came from a recent national survey of book shoppers conducted by Codex Group.

The results of the survey showed that between June and November, the number of book shoppers who owned a digital reader or tablet device rose to 21%. Although the Apple iPad helped start the trend, many credit the introduction of the $139 Amazon Kindle in July. An estimated 800,000 units have been sold since that point with 2.7 million units sold in total.

Among other findings from the Codex survey was the fact that the cheaper Kindle helped bring down the average age of those using digital reading devices. Lower prices meant more young people could afford the devices. Before the Kindle price was lowered, 55-64 year olds made up the largest concentration of Kindle users at 6.7%. Now the 65-and-above group and 35-44 groups dominate the market at 9.6% and 8.5% respectively.

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