Harry Potter Moving Pictures Coming Soon

Harry Potter Moving Pictures

Any fan of the “Harry Potter” film franchise has no doubt seen the moving pictures displayed in newspapers in the film, and that technology could soon be possible in real life. A team of researchers from the University of Cincinnati are paving the way for this thanks to a new find.

The group of researchers has discovered a way to pull an electric current through paper, making disposable, paper-thin e-readers a possibility in the future. The idea is based upon the moving images found in the newspapers in the “Harry Potter” films. The goal of the group of the University of Cincinnati is to get a piece of paper to act as an Amazon Kindle.

Fans of the idea shouldn’t get too excited as the plan is still in developmental stages. Competing e-reader technology, namely E-Ink which powers the Kindle, has a three to five year head start. The new technology is, however, capable of producing better pictures.

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