THE TEMPLAR SALVATION By Raymond Khoury [Review]


THE TEMPLAR SALVATION is the sequel to Khoury’s The Last Templar. The book has a a story within a story format. In the past, Conrad, Templar Knight of Tripoli discovered a veritable treasure trove of writing from the early days of Christianity. Of course, true to the genre, the Church then suppresses them because the information will shake the Faith off its seemingly more shaky than we actually know foundations. The Templars have possession of the documents-without ever knowing the contents-and, well things don’t go well for them. In the present, the documents resurface eventually tied together by a man seeking revenge against the CIA, the Vatican and our hero, Sean Reilly, who must smuggle the documents out of the Vatican to save his beloved Tess.

And yes, the plot is really a little confusing, but please don’t let that stop you!

This book is one of a number in the genre spawned by Dan Brown with The DaVinci Code (And of course his less well know until the movie Angels and Demons). However Khoury, unlike Brown. has everything you want from a book like this-great characters, awesome action and most importantly Khoury is a writer. That might seem a little harsh, given Brown’s popularity, but in all honesty Brown’s prose is a little, ahem, simplistic (yes, he really did say “Little did he know less than twenty-four hours later that information would save his life.”) Khoury is nothing like that, he gives us a great story and great writing.

The Templar Salvation is everything you wanted from Brown’s books and never quite got. Reilly is likable, and you really want him to succeed and I never once wanted to punch him in the mouth. I have to admit that happened more than once in Brown’s books. A smug hero can be annoying. The history is pretty solid. There are a few questionable holes, and depending on how much biblical history you have the holes are a little bigger, but he handles it in a way that makes the problems not a problem.

Now we get to the best part. The Templar Salvation is jam-packed with action. There is not one single place in this book where I found myself peeking ahead to see when something exciting was going to happen again (another flaw of Brown). Khoury hits the ground running and keeps up at a perfect pace, never tiring the reader, but motivating the page turning and the “never put it down” until you flip that last page.

If you haven’t read Dan Brown’s latest, don’t bother. Go get The Templar Salvation. The only major problem with this book is that you will resent any interruptions until you finish, so plan a nice long reading weekend and settle in with this exciting jaunt.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Dutton | Pages: 416 | Source: Purchased | Buy on Amazon

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