Amie’s 2010 Holiday Book Gift Ideas

Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life – This pocked sized book contains helpful life lessons from our favorite female detective, Nancy Drew. Lessons include such pearls as, “Dive into any available water when attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes” (From Mystery of Crocodile Island). The best part is, this book sells for only $6, making it affordable as well as cool! This is a perfect nostalgic gift of any of your friends or family members that grew up reading the Nancy Drew Books.
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Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary – What could make a better gift than a book of fables for adults where the main characters are talking animals? Answer? Nothing. So, do your friends a favor and pick them up a copy of the latest release by David Sedaris. According to Sedaris this book falls short of actual fables in that they lack morals but nonetheless its an entertaining read. The cherry on top is that the illustrations were done by Ian Falconer, who did the Olivia children books. In fact, the only giveaway at first glance that this book is for adults is that the squirrel and chipmunk on the cover appear to be sharing late night cocktails.
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The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye (v. 1) – A popular television show that everyone seems to be talking about these days is The Walking Dead. If you know somebody that into the television show, they may not know it’s actually a popular graphic novel series. Pick up Book One: Days Gone Bye for anyone you know that is also a fan of the show. I have read them myself and I think they are even better than the TV series.
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Everybody Poops – Perfect for your friends with a good sense of toilet humor. This book was actually written for children to teach them that everybody, well, you know. However, it’s grown a sort of cult following, mostly with college kids and any other person that enjoys a good poop and fart joke. I dare you to read this book aloud to a group of people and not laugh. Other books of the same genre that would make excellent gag gifts are, “It Hurts When I Poop!”, “What’s Your Poo Telling You?”, and the classic,“The Truth About Poop”.
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Whiter Shades of Pale: The Stuff White People Like, Coast to Coast, from Seattle’s Sweaters to Maine’s Microbrews – This is the follow up to the hugely popular book “Stuff White People Like” and it can make a fun gift for the pale-faces in your life. It can also make a funny gift for the non-whites in your life as a means to understand what makes white people tick. Find out why white people like skinny jeans with baggy sweaters, vegan diets and Adult Swim re-runs. Author Christian Lander has truly seen the light when it comes to white!
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  • Kristen

    Good choices! Everyone Poops is always a big hit at baby showers too.

  • Sandie

    Well the only one I know of from the list is The Walking Dead, so I can only speak for that one, but definitely a great choice!