Sara Shepard Will Extend PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Series

Good news for Pretty Little Liars fans: author Sara Shepard recently announced that she will write four more Pretty Little Liars books, taking the series from 8 to 12 books. Pretty Little Liars #9 is titled Twisted and will hit bookstores in July 2011. You can watch Shepard herself make the announcement in this video:

It’s been a busy month for Shepard, as she just launched a new four book series last week. The first book, The Lying Game, is about twin sisters separated at birth.

The winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars is on Monday, January 3 at 8pm on ABC Family. Our friends over at Daemon’s TV have more coverage, including some season 2 cast photos.

So are you excited for more Pretty Little Liars books? Any predictions for the new book?

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