THE ATHENA PROJECT by Brad Thor [Review]

The Athena Project

A long time ago, I was lucky enough to review Brad Thor’s first novel, The Lions of Lucerne, the book that introduced his remarkable hero Scott Horvath to the world. In Thor’s last book, Horvath gave us our first introduction to the top-secret counter-terrorist group that is the focus of his latest work THE ATHENA PROJECT. What sets this group apart from others is its makeup, the Athena Project members are all women. Every bit as deadly as their male counterparts, Athena Team members Gretchen Casey, Julie Ericsson, Megan Rhodes, and Alex Cooper are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The Athena Project hits the ground running with a historical set up and dives into the present day at high speed. When twenty Americans are killed the Athena Team is dispatched to deal with the problem. As they begin their case, an unsettling discovery is made deep in the rainforests of South America, and a secret, kept hidden by the U.S. government, is on the verge of being revealed.

The plot is exciting and the book is one I wanted to just race through in one sitting even though I kept saying, okay, just one more chapter. And then one more, and one more and then it was over and I wanted one more. Thor is a master, that showed in his very first book. His one-time career as a travel writer shows in his novels, and each setting seems real and has a feeling of actually being there

What sets The Athena Project apart from his other books, and the spy/thriller genre at large, is the female protagonists. I know that might be a turn off for some readers, but I really enjoyed it. Their banter was witty and fun to read, Thor has the female “voice” down and the interplay between the four of them was a definite highlight of the book. However, having four tough as nails, deadly women as the protagonists was what really kept me going. I know it is a change for many readers, and perhaps some of his male readers will at first balk, but they shouldn’t. This is a hard core thriller from the opening scenes and these women are every bit as tough as the typical male hero of the genre. Since women so typically in novels of this genre are either terrorist masterminds or the behind-the-desk researcher, it was nice to have a little hands on good-guy, well good-gals who were more than just set dressing.

The Athena Project is a must read. Race out and buy it right now. Did you get it yet? Why not? Once you read it, you will be begging Brad Thor for another book starring the Athena Project, and anxiously waiting until it’s published.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Atria Books | Pages: 336 | Source: Purchased | Buy on Amazon

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