Barnes & Nobles Producing 18,000 Nook Colors Daily

Nook Color

Barnes & Noble is so confident in the popularity of eReaders this holiday season that they are cranking out thousands per day. The company’s CEO, Len Riggio, recently revealed the production rate the company is aiming for to prepare for the holiday rush.

Riggio told Publisher’s Weekly recently that Barnes & Noble is cranking 18,000 Nook Colors daily and that a 747 jet is loaded with Nooks and flown to the U.S. from China every four to five days. Despite the massive production quota Riggio told Publisher’s Weekly, the chairman believes the company will still struggle to meet demand this holiday season.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color was released on November 16th and retails for $250. Market analysts believe that Barnes & Noble has already sold two million of the original Nooks and could sell as many as 500,000 Nook Colors by the end of the year.

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