Marketers Looking to Test Ads in eBooks


Consumers of the world, brace yourselves because your last advertising free realm could soon be invaded by pesky ads. In a world in which we are bombarded by ads in magazines, newspapers, on television, and along our nation’s highways; only one bastion of freedom remains in the media world, eBooks.

Now the ad-free realm of eBooks may soon be torn down and sullied with annoying ads as well. Given the meteoric rise of eBooks, marketers are now looking at ways to advertise to consumers while they read their eBooks. Varying formats are under consideration, including ones that place ads on the fringe of each page or are interspersed within the text.

A battle does lie ahead though for marketers anxious to tap into a new market. Writers often scoff at the idea of ads going in their books, and many authors have contracts that strictly forbid such measures. Time will tell if marketers get their way.

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