Kristen’s Favorite Books of 2010

I always have fun reading through end of the year “Best of” lists, so I thought I’d create one of my own. You won’t find any of these books on The New York Times Best Books of 2010, but whatever. These are the books I enjoyed reading the most this year, and I highly recommend them to you too.

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

The third installment in The Hunger Games trilogy was the book I was looking forward to the most this year, and I wasn’t disappointed. I thought Mockingjay was an epic finale to the dystopian series. It had the most jaw-dropping, OMG moment of any book I read this year.



The Passage by Justin Cronin

The Passage just blew me away and it’s probably the one book I’ve recommended most to people this year. I found the mythology, characters, and descriptive prose contained in The Passage to be perfect. It’s an ambitious start to a trilogy and I can’t wait for Cronin’s next book.



My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

The love story in My Name is Memory is my favorite of the year. It’s just so epic—I’d describe it as Twilight meets The Time Traveler’s Wife—with two souls continually meeting through the years. In addition to the romance, My Name is Memory has a lot of action too, making it the perfect combination.



Stay by Allie Larkin

A heartbroken woman has a few too many kool-aid/vodka mixers and orders a German shepherd puppy off the Internet. The dog arrives and it’s a ginormous beast that only answers commands in Slovakian—sounds like a cute story, right? Stay is more than that though, it is a wonderfully touching, engaging story about a woman, Van, going through a rough time. Van is funny, relatable, and just one of my favorite characters of the year.


Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison’s The Hollows (Rachel Morgan) series is up to eight books, and, in my opinion, it has only improved with each book. I’m currently OBESESSED with this series and can’t get enough of Rachel (a kickass witch), Ivy (a sultry dangerous vampire), and Jenks (a hilarious pixy who likes to say things like, “Tink’s a Disney whore!”). Besides the awesome characters, the books also have some amazing world building (paranormals are outted when a virus in genetically engineered tomatoes kills a huge portion of the human population). Black Magic Sanction, with its non-stop action and heartbreaking moments, is another fantastic entry in The Hollows series.

So there you go, those are my favorite books of 2010. I’d love to hear which books you loved this year, so let me know in the comments!

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  • Anonymous

    Black Magic sounds good, I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  • Davidgibb88

    Kristen, your posts are getting better and better!! And reading the above has given me a few more to add to my list for 2011.

    Personally my list in no order is:

    The Hunger Games – Book 1
    For me this book set up the best series of the year, I honestly could not put this book down. Fabtastic.

    The Passage
    This was one of your reccomendations Kristen and it lived up to all the hype. Although it starts of kind of slow I encourage anyone reading it to stick with it, it really takes off.

    Game of Thrones:
    First book of the series, and I am so excited they are making it into a HBO series next year. I am a fantasy nut and this gives me the fix I need.

  • David Gibb

    Kristen, I have read the first two, out of the last 3 you mention what would you say is the MUST read?