VIDEO: Books For Christmas Kid Flip Out

Books For Christmas

Check out this pretty hilarious video of a kid getting books for Christmas instead of toys. At first, I felt like the kid was being a bit of a brat but after reading what one of the parent had to say, I felt that it was I who needed to chill out.

Parental statement (source):

After opening a whole bunch of toys, my son 3 year old came across a present with books….keep in mind that this was kinda like his first “real” Christmas….and again he’s was only three years old!….let me repeat. ONLY THREE YEARS OLD… And that he could just about understand and get the concept of the whole gift getting thing. I guess much to the blame of me, the media, and every commercial out there on TV he was more under the perception that you only get “toys” for christmas. To him Books are the fun time we spend reading (no less than three) every night before he goes to bed. Let me make something clear again. HE REALLY DOES LOVE BOOKS! But I’m guessing he was “overwhelmed” after opening way too many gifts (my fault I went overboard that year) and I think he felt “tricked upon” when he opened the books… the fact that we were laughing at his reaction kinda egged him on to say the Poo statement….. He really is one of the sweetest kids I know and to see this reaction (if you know him yourself) IS cute.
I have deleted a lot of very undeserved negative comments that have been posted….I understand now that without a good understanding of the back history one could make a poor assumption of him….but now i hope you know that he was ONLY THREE YEARS OLD PEOPLE and that he only thought your supposed to get toys for christmas….partly because of how commercialized this holiday has become…..we have since taught him differently…………..but just for kicks were gonna wrap books again for him and see what happens….

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  • Marion

    Stop making excuses for this spoiled brat of a child. You should be ashamed of posting this. Will you make excuses for him when he acts this way when he is older? I’m not talking about the “what the heck is that” but the poo. What a spoiled child!

    • Flag

      Come on lighten up. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

  • Kathy

    I can’t believe anyone would post anything negative about this. Hilarious, and totally understandable. I’m middle-aged, and even when I was a kid, clothes and books were not what you wanted for Christmas! And, we were poor and only got a couple of gifts anyway, so this little boy is not spoiled, or any different from any other child. Thanks for sharing, as I totally agree with him! :-)

  • Spetina

    WHAT A BRAT! My children never acted like this. They were taught from a very young age to always like what you got as there were alot of children (and adults) out there not receiving anything for Christmas and that Christmas was about family and friends being together and not so much toys and books. These parents are making excuses for this childs bad behavior and to post it to boot. Maybe these people should donate the brats WII to the needy. Guess what folks they are going to be on the Today show on December 24th. What is wrong with these people. Are they going to whine on there also about all of the negative posts. Get a life. Give that kid a swat and a lesson about life.

    • Kathy

      Wow, Christmas at your house must be a barrel of fun.

    • Spetina

      Actually Kathy, Christmas at my home is wonderful. I have three very appreciative children that have grown up with love, respect, and fun but were also taught to be appreciative. I just finished watching the Today Show clip and the kid is a brat. The mother is going to have big problems with this child. The mother made nothing but excuses for this child all through the segment. Kathy you have a very Merry Christmas with your family and loved ones and a wonderful 2011.

  • Laurie

    Ok, did anyone get a load of the clip on the Today Show. The little brat was acting crazy and the mom had another excuse “I gave him a cookie earlier”. Then the Today show host gave him a gift – a Woody Doll and guess what “I already have one”. Mom get real. You are were making excuses for this child of 3 and still making excuses for this child of 4. This kid is a brat with a capital B. Put the money you spend on the little devil into some parenting classes of how to raise a great child.

  • Tammie McNeeley

    Without even looking at this video, I base my opinion on the Today Show segment. He seems spoiled in the respect that he is allowed to speak at any time and not wait to be heard. As his mom saying “he is not spoiled”, he is sticking his tongue out, etc. His demeanor speaks for itself.

  • d johnson

    I watched a repeat of this display of bratiness on the Today show…He was 4 when the orginal video was made…hasnt changed at all has he?. Nothing cute about it; wake up parents…your sense of humor about this is waaay off. A brat is a brat

  • d johnson

    sorry; my mistake; he was 3…I stand by my earlier statement…a brat is a brat…stop making excuses for him…and yourself

  • Janel

    what a CUTE and HILARIOUS video! Clearly, the negative comments are from those that either do NOT have children or who have FORGOTTEN the way the mind of a 3 year old works!

    Funny stuff, Mom and Dad–Merry Christmas!

    • Tim

      It’s amazing how people can make a judgment on a 3/4 year old, based on 47 seconds of video. Get a clue people!! Kid are going to be kids. Kids are not going to be perfect little angels 100% of the time.

      Merry Christmas.

  • Amie

    LOL. Okay this video is funny. If I acted that way my parents would have beat me within a inch of my life for being ungrateful. That’s whats wrong with the world these days- the parents just laugh and encourage him. “That’s not toys, it’s books” LOL *shakes head in disappointment*

  • Shocked’n’horrified

    Wow. This child has NO manners whatsoever. However, you can’t really blame the child, you must blame the parents. I mean, it’s kind of funny in a watching-stupid-people-injure-themselves kind of way, but in reality it’s a sad state of today’s world when parents and media condone such behavior.

    Question: If you delete all the negative comments, how will you ever be able to take constructive criticism on the upbringing of your child?