2011 Young Adult Reading Challenge

2011 Young Adult Reading Challenge

As some of you know might already know, Daemon’s Books is hosting its very first challenge this year (the Harry Potter 2011 Book Challenge) and since I am really excited about it, it inspired me to try and sign up for another challenge.

And so I decided to take part in the 2011 Young Adult Reading Challenge hosted by For The Love of YA.

However, since I am still new to challenges and am a little worried that I might not have time to complete it, I decided to sign up to the lowest level:

The Mini YA Reading Challenge, which requires you to read a minimum of 12 Young Adult novels. I am hopeful that I will be able to complete the challenge and at the same time read some of the YA books that I have been meaning to read.

At this point I haven’t chosen the YA books I will be reading, I think I’ll just decide as I go along (if you have suggestions, feel free to let me know). But of course, I’ll keep you updated with how the challenge is going. Wish me luck!

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