L.A. Times Planning to Launch Tablet Reader in 2011


One of the nation’s largest newspapers, the Los Angeles Times, is reportedly planning to launch their own tablet reader in 2011. The news was released by the paper’s publisher, Eddy Hartenstein, in his year-end note to readers.

The details of any L.A. Times tablet reader are incredibly vague, with the paper itself even refusing to comment further. In his note to readers, Hartenstein outlined other digital initiatives the paper has set forth for 2011. These include a new Android app in early 2011, followed shortly thereafter by a new iPhone app. The L.A. Times has set forth the goal of providing news from Southern California and the World to its readers anywhere at any time.

While the paper declined to comment further on their tablet plans, they will no doubt be keeping a close eye on News Corp.’s “Daily” newspaper launch. Set to occur in the next month, “Daily” will be an iPad exclusive newspaper.

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