Meet Kindle Book Sharers Via Facebook

Kindle users eager to try out the new sharing feature on their devices can now meet each other via a new Facebook group. The Kindle Lending Club, which currently has almost 1,000 “likes,” allows members to post both requests and lending offers. It’s a great way for Kindle users to connect, share books, and talk about what they’re reading.

Amazon’s new Kindle sharing feature allows certain books to be loaned for a period of 14-days (publishers determine which books can be loaned). During that time, the book is not available to its owner. Also, books can only be loaned once, so once you lend it to someone, that’s it. Even if someone doesn’t have a Kindle, the ebooks can be read on any of the Kindle apps for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, or Android.

To determine if a Kindle book is lendable, look at the “Product Details” section on Amazon and look for “Lending: Enabled.” If it is enabled, you will see a “Loan this book” button next to the product image. Amazon has more instructions available here.

So have you lent/borrowed a Kindle book yet? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Sandie

    I was really looking forward to being able to lend books from my Kindle, but wow that is a major fail. I didn’t realize that not only are not all the books available for lending but you can only lend each book once, really? How does that make sense? If I buy a book can I only lend it to one person? No. So why is it so hard to lend eBooks.

    So disappointing.

    That said, the Facebook group is a really good idea, but because of the lending restrictions, I am very unlikely to participate. Will want to keep my one lending to people in my family. :(

  • Catherine MacDonald

    I’m one of the founders of the Kindle Lending Club page on Facebook — thanks for helping to spread the word! With only one loan per book, many people will definitely want to give friends and family “first dibs” on their book loans. I hope we will be the first stop for people who’d like to share books that their friends and family don’t want to read, and of course as a place to borrow a wide and growing list of books :o)

  • Amy Mckie

    You know… I haven’t seen anything that specifically says lending is only for US customers, but I don’t have a lend option for any of my 100+ Kindle books. Even the ones that say lending is enabled. If the book is available in Canada and lending is available, shouldn’t I as a Canadian be able to lend it? Still trying to figure that out!

    • Anonymous

      I just saw this on
      “Is lending available internationally?
      At this time, Kindle book lending can only be initiated by customers residing in the United States. ”

      That sucks! They don’t say when it will be available outside the US, but I hope it’s soon.

      • Sandie

        Oh wow, that does suck. Although can people in the US lend to people outside the US?

        • Anonymous

          I think so, but it depends on the country. Here’s the rest of what Amazon says: “If a loan is initiated to a customer outside the United States, the borrower may not be able to accept the loan if the title is not available in their country due to publisher geographical rights.

          In these cases the borrower will be notified of this during the Loan redemption process, and the book reading and lending rights will return to the lender at the end of seven days from loan initiation. You can always check the status of a loan by viewing the book on the Manage Your Kindle page.”