Meet Kindle Book Sharers Via Facebook

Kindle users eager to try out the new sharing feature on their devices can now meet each other via a new Facebook group. The Kindle Lending Club, which currently has almost 1,000 “likes,” allows members to post both requests and lending offers. It’s a great way for Kindle users to connect, share books, and talk about what they’re reading.

Amazon’s new Kindle sharing feature allows certain books to be loaned for a period of 14-days (publishers determine which books can be loaned). During that time, the book is not available to its owner. Also, books can only be loaned once, so once you lend it to someone, that’s it. Even if someone doesn’t have a Kindle, the ebooks can be read on any of the Kindle apps for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, or Android.

To determine if a Kindle book is lendable, look at the “Product Details” section on Amazon and look for “Lending: Enabled.” If it is enabled, you will see a “Loan this book” button next to the product image. Amazon has more instructions available here.

So have you lent/borrowed a Kindle book yet? Let me know in the comments.

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