NEED By Carrie Jones [Review]

Need by Carrie Jones book cover

I picked up NEED by Carrie Jones, because the third book in the series, Entice, had just been released and I got curious about it. Need follows the story of Zara White, who is sent to live with her grandmother in Maine after her father (technically stepfather) passes away, in order to keep her “sane.” When she gets there, she not only has to deal with being the new girl in town, but also with some guy who seems to be stalking her, leaving a trail of gold dust behind.

Soon, Zara finds herself in the middle of a whole slew of mysterious events that seem to include pixies. With the help of her friends (including the very handsome Nick) she will try to find answers as to what is really going on in the town and who is this mysterious guy that keeps following her everywhere.

While I didn’t love Need, I certainly didn’t hate it either. In fact, I had a hard time even putting it down because I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next. Unfortunately, the anticipation was more exciting than the actual delivery. The whole ending felt a little anticlimactic, which is probably why I ended up being disappointed.

I also had a hard time relating to Zara because it seemed to me like she was just kept making one stupid choice after another, and I’ll admit I had moments of going “really?, we’re gonna do that?” But on the other hand, I sometimes wonder if I would make better choices myself… food for thought.

The romance in the book also didn’t totally work for me. The whole Zara/Nick romance, wasn’t completely believable and I wish there had been another dimension added to it.

That said, don’t get me wrong it was definitely an entertaining read and it kept me interested enough for me to want to read the rest of the series. I would recommend this book if you are a YA romance and supernatural fan. It has elements of all three and as I mentioned is a fast, diverting read.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Bloomsbury | Pages: 336 | Source: Purchased | Buy on Amazon

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