How Many Books Are You Going To Read in 2011?

Isn’t that the question that all book lovers ask themselves every beginning of the year? It’s the time for new resolution and also a great time to be very optimistic about how much time we will be able to devote to reading.

This year is the first year I decided to actually set a goal for myself. I feel like I haven’t been able to read as much as I would have liked to in previous years and I’m going to try and change that this year. Also turns out I get better results when I set goals for myself. For example, I had been wanting to re-read the Harry Potter books in forever but never did, until we started the Harry Potter Challenge.

And so since Goodreads has set up a great way for you to set up a reading goal for yourself with their 2011 Reading Challenge, I decided to set my goal to read at least 48 books this year. You can find my Goodreads page here if you are interested in following my progress.

But that’s not all, on top of that I am adding my own Comic Book 2011 reading goal. There are way too many comic books on my book shelves that I want to read (I have at least 70 that I own and that’s not counting everything that will be coming out this year) and so my goal for this year will be to read at least 70 comic books.

I’m trying not to think too much about how I will achieve these two goals but at least I already have 2 challenges (Harry Potter and YA Challenge) that will bring me closer to my two goals. So to recap, this year my goals are to read at least:

48 Books

70 Comic Books

These are my goals, but I am curious to know what your reading goals are this year. Will you try to beat your reading total from last year?

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  • Jose Alvarez

    I’m going to shoot for around 18-20 books this year and probably 20 or so comic books.

  • angiebatgirl

    I read 140 books last year. 58 new books, 67 rereads and 15 graphic novels. granted, I was on disability/unemployed for the year. my record for a year is 153 in 2006. I’d like to get back up to 150 this year

    • Sandie

      Wow, angiebatgirl that is a lot of books! I am very envious :) I’ll be rooting for you to reach that 150 goal this year!

  • Eldrakerino

    I’m going to try to halve my goal this year. I’ll explain. I usually have a yearly target, and last year it was 30 books. But with lots of crazy things going on in my life I was struglling towards the end, so basically had to read 12 books in November and December. I managed to do it, but at the end I was reading things like CS Lewis The Great Divorce (70 pages), Of Mice and Men, Longitude (150 small, large-fonted, wide-margined pages) etc.

    This year, I’ve decided I won’t keep track, but will only read big books – The Fountainhead, Pillars of the Earth, A Man in Full, The Stand, etc. That way, I can just enjoy getting into them without worrying about my yearly quota. I have enough pressure like that at work without imposing it upon my free time!

    • Sandie

      Eldrakerino – Yes you definitely don’t want your goal to put stress on you, there’s no fun in that. Personally, I enjoy having a goal, I feel like I am achieving things, while enjoying myself.

      And you’re absolutely right, a 1000 pages book is definitely worth the same as a 300 pages one, yet they both count as one book. Maybe there should be a goal for how many pages we want to read a year and not how many books :)

      Hope you enjoy all the books you have planned to read this year!

  • Kelly

    I’m going to take this year and keep track of how many books I read… I’ve never kept track before, so I’m curious to know exactly how many I DO read!

    Also, @angiebatgirl 140 books?! That’s amazing. I wish I could read that many!

    • Sandie

      I know right? This is the first time that I not only keep track but have a goal for myself.