Sharp Galapagos Tablet Launching With Its Own eBookstore in U.S. Starting in 2011

Sharp Galapagos

Sharp appears set to make a big splash in the tablet and mobile device world in 2011, announcing not only new tablets but an eBookstore in the U.S. as well. Sharp unveiling both the tablets and the eBookstore at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Sharp’s new tablet device is known as the Galapagos, a 10.8 inch touchscreen device driven by Linux. The tablet will come with an eBookstore that is cloud-based. The eBookstore is currently available in Japan only.

The tablet and new eBookstore will both be available later in 2011. The bookstore will carry books, games, movies, and music. Many of the eBooks will be in Sharp’s own XMDF format, but also in ePub format.

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