“O: A PRESIDENTIAL NOVEL” – Anonymous Novel on Obama Presidency Remains a Mystery


In our ever increasing digital age, it appears there are still some things that can remain mysterious for a good deal of time. Take for example, O: A PRESIDENTIAL NOVEL, an upcoming novel about the Obama administration that has the Beltway buzzing.

Simon & Schuster is the publisher behind the forthcoming novel entitled “O: A Presidential Novel.” Beyond that information, the details of the book remain a mystery. What is known is that the book is around 368 pages, will be released on January 25th, and will retail for $25.99. Other Information, including the name of the author remains a mystery at this time.

Some speculation has arisen that Joe Klein could be behind this book. Klein turned out to be the author behind the originally anonymous novel “Primary Colors.” That book told the story of a Southern, Democratic governor’s rise to the White House. Klein, however, has already denied responsibility for the upcoming Obama novel in an interview with Yahoo News.

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