Most College Kids Prefer Print Textbooks To eBook Textbooks


America’s college students are generally considered to be among the most technologically savvy groups within American society, but apparently they are not sold on all technology just yet. A new study shows that 75% of college students still prefer print textbooks over eBook versions.

The survey was conducted by the Book Industry Study Group and found that the vast majority of college students prefer print textbooks because of the look and feel of print text. Fans of eBook texts were not missing from the survey however as nearly 12% favored eBooks over print textbooks.

Those in favor of eBooks were predominantly male and most of them were enrolled in MBA or distance learning courses. Among the reasons they favored eBooks were convenience and lower cost.

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  • Harry

    The thing with the ebook is that you cant make notes in them, that always helped me.

    • Sandie

      Harry – Actually on the Kindle you can write notes wherever you need to. Don’t know about the other eReaders but I think they you can also write notes with them too. Although I still don’t think eReaders are a replacement to Textbooks.

  • Sandie

    To be honest even though I love my Kindle and if I could would only read books on it, I wouldn’t get an eReader for Textbooks. First of all, I would need the eReader to be larger so that it could show more information. Also since eReaders are not in color (and the Nook color doesn’t count since the screen is LCD), I wouldn’t be able to highlight parts that are important with the same look as a highlighter would in a textbook. And since I’m a highlighter freak, it’s a big problem.

    But if they came up with an eReader that felt closer to a textbook with all the options needed in order to make it a perfect study tool, I would absolutely switch. Can you imagine only having to carry around one eReader instead of 3-5 huge textbooks, that would be heaven.