Sissy Spacek to Publish Memoir BAREFOOT STORIES

Sissy Spacek

I remember the first time I saw Sissy Spacek on screen, it was in a little movie called Coal Miner’s Daughter – perhaps you’ve heard of it? Well needless to say I was enthralled. I was a tiny little girl and I still remember sitting cross-legged in front of my TV set every time it came on, unable to tear my eyes off the screen until the final credits rolled. At which point I’d usually start flipping channels to see if any other station was playing it, so I could watch it again. When I heard that Sissy was writing a memoir, I felt as happy as that little girl sitting in front of her TV set.

According to Yahoo News, the actress apparently has a few stories to tell. Hyperion recently announced that it will be publishing her memoir, tentatively titled Barefoot Stories, and that it is scheduled to come out next year.

I’m sure the 61-year-old has plenty of stories to tell us. In addition to winning an Academy Award in 1981 for Coal Miner’s Daughter, (aka the movie I loved so much), she also starred in the horror classic Carrie. More recently she was seen last year in Get Low, with Robert Duvall and Bill Murray.

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