Unpublished Dashiell Hammett Story Released Posthumously

Dashiell Hammett

According to Yahoo News, a previously unpublished story by Dashiell Hammett will soon see the light of day, even though it has now been decades since his death.

The 19-page crime thriller, called So I Shot Him was written in the clipped style Hammett made famous in the Maltese Falcon and other works. The story will appear in the winter/spring issue of Strand Magazine, according to managing editor Andrew F. Gulli, and will come out on Feb. 28. Gulli was looking through archives at the University of Texas in Austin, when he came across the undated story. He also found 14 others by Hammett, who died in 1961 at age 66.

The Strand, a quarterly based in Birmingham, Mich., has recently published little known works by Graham Greene, Mark Twain and Agatha Christie.

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