iPad 2 Without a Home Button


Okay I’ve got some news for you iPad users. I’m warning you that it’s going to be hard to believe at first, but actually does make sense. According to BGR.com, Apple will be removing the home button from the iPad’s design.

This is the reason Apple just added multitouch gestures for the iPad in the latest iOS 4.3 beta. So that instead of using button taps, users will use multitouch gestures to navigate to the home screen and also to launch the app switcher.

See? I told you it would make sense.

But that’s not all, in addition to losing the home button on the iPad, it looks like the same thing will be happening to the iPhone as well. Apple employees are reportedly already testing iPads and iPhones without home buttons on the Apple campus. It’s possible that the new change will materialize with the next-generation iPad and iPhone devices set to launch this year.

In more news, it looks like Photo Booth will be appearing on the next iPad and it’s also very possible that we’ll see iLife apps for iOS unveiled around the iPad 2 release as well.

Well Steve Jobs reportedly didn’t want any physical buttons on the original iPhone to begin with, so it looks like he might be getting his wish after all.

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