Fredrik Colting and J.D. Salinger Estate Settle Copyright Suit


Swedish author Fredrik Colting and the estate of J. D. Salinger have reached an agreement. According to, the two parties have ended the copyright battle over Colting’s book 60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye, which is the so-called “unauthorized sequel to The Catcher in the Rye.”

In the agreement, Colting has agreed not to publish or otherwise distribute the book, e-book, or any other editions of 60 Years Later in the U. S. or Canada. That is until The Catcher in the Rye enters the public domain. However it does leave Colting free to sell his book in other international territories without fear of interference. In fact, the rights have reportedly already been sold in a half-dozen territories. The settlement documents were included as proof that the Salinger Estate will not sue. When Salinger died in January, 2010, he left his heirs to take over stewardship of his literary estate.

The settlement however does bar Colting from using the title Coming Through the Rye; from dedicating the book to Salinger; and prohibits him (or any publisher of the book) from referring to The Cather in the Rye, Salinger, the book being “banned” by Salinger, or from using the litigation to promote the book.

Colting said:

“We’ve come to an agreement with the Salinger trust but I’m afraid I can’t go into any specifics. Let’s just say that the book will be published in a number of countries this year and I’m very pleased with that.”

The Catcher in the Rye has sold more than 35 million copies since its publication in1951.

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