Indie Booksellers Getting into E-Book Market


Well it might be happening a little late, but according to PublishersWeekly, a new study by Verso Digital and Digital Book World found that consumers are definitely willing to buy e-books from indies. In the report, nearly 81% of book buyers said they would buy an e-book from an independent bookstore, as long as the titles are competitively priced.

The library still remains an important source of books for readers, according to the survey, with 45% of people asked saying that they continue to get books from libraries, making it the largest single channel for acquiring books. Another 36% asked said they borrow books from friends and coworkers.

Interestingly, the survey also found for the second year in a row that readers think they buy many more books from independent stores than they actually do. While 32% said they buy books from independents, other studies actually put the inde’s market share at only around 7%.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, director of programming for Digital Book World:

“As in last year’s study, independent booksellers enjoy a slight mindshare advantage over their brick-and-mortar competitors. This year’s study found that, while the preference to shop with indies is greater with men and the college-educated, it’s much less so with women and those having higher household incomes.”

A look at where e-books are bought held no surprises though, showing that Kindle held a 28% market share followed by 15% for Barnes & Noble’s Nook, with libraries accounting for just under 15% of e-book usage.

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