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Publisher Simon & Schuster has jumped aboard that location-based social networking site known as Foursquare, according to eBookNewser.

I’ll admit that I was one of those people who didn’t understand the appeal of Foursquare at first. I watched my friends using it and “checking in” every place we went and didn’t understand the point. The more I find out about it, the more I see how it could be fun and just as interesting as other social networking outlets. The fact that it’s based on locations a user visits, brings a whole new aspect to it.

For instance, Simon & Schuster’s presence includes things like tips and trivia about authors based on places in the real world. For example if you were to visit Brooklyn, you would get a message telling you where to get the best cannoli according to Suzanne Corso, author of Brooklyn Story. Meanwhile Carlos Eire shares his favorite places in Monticello and users checking in at the Lincoln monument in Washington DC will learn how many copies of the Gettysburg Address were hand-written by Abraham Lincoln.

Rob Goodman, Director of Online Marketing at Simon and Schuster had this to say:

“With S&S Foursquare we can deliver our book and author content right into the hands of fans and readers at their immediate points of interest, and the platform gives us the opportunity to drive real world action through social media by directing people to locations and events.”

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