Steampunk Sarah Palin Comic Book

Steampunk and Sarah Palin are two things I honestly never thought would combine, but Antarctic Press recently released a one-shot comic book that did just that. In Steampunk Palin by Fred Perry and Ben Dunn, an explosion turns Palin into a steam-powered partial robot. Apparently, Barack Obama, John McCain, and Al Gore all make appearances as well. I’m not making this up! To read more about Steampunk Palin, check out this hilarious review at Comics Alliance (“Steampunk Palin defies classification into any literary genre, unless there’s a genre I’m unaware of simply called ‘WTF?!?'”).

Synopsis of Steampunk Palin:

Energy catastrophe has struck worldwide! Massive oil spills, nuclear meltdowns and more leave us desperate for viable energy sources to rebuild global society and technology. Inspired by a little tea party, Sarah Palin hits upon the answer: steam power! She begins the “Steam Initiative”, touting geothermal energy as the cure for what ails ya. The heads of Big Oil and Nuclear Power are less than happy with this trend, and they send their agents to do in the Rogue Republican. Luckily, she comes prepared with a set of steam-powered armor! (Standard equipment, don’cha know.)

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