Use KindleTwit to read Twitter on your Kindle

Kindle 3

Ever been without your phone and wanted to check your Twitter feed? Well if you have a Kindle, you’re now in luck.

According to eBookNewser, there’s a new program called KindleTwit that will let you access Twitter from your Kindle reader.

Lifehacker describes the simple interface:

“You can post through a simple text input box, read your Twitter stream, and check out your replies. You’ll have to write direct messages the old-school way (“d username Hey there .”), and forget about media previews. But if you’re going Kindle-only on a trip, and can’t stay away from the blue beast, this looks like a convenient way to indulge.”

I’m sure that some people might think that using an interface like this could corrupt their reading experience. While I’m sure still others are thinking it will be great to be able to stay in touch with Twitter friends while they’re reading an eBook.

What do you think?

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