Koobits Releases New E-Reader App for Windows


According to eBook Newser, tech startup KooBits has a new eReader app available called KooBits 4.0, which is currently available for computers running Windows XP and higher.

Readers will be able to purchase eBooks through the KooBits bookstore by using the new app, as well as import eBooks from other sources. Though keep in mind that external eBooks must be in ePUB or PDF formats to work in the KooBits eReader.

Readers can also highlight, bookmark and make notes within their eBooks, just like with other eReader apps. The app also includes a new free eBook (based on their reading preferences) every day, which will automatically appear in a user’s library.

The app also includes the ability to play interactive eBooks.

CEO Stanley Han had this to say:

“We created KooBits 4.0 to help make interactive ebooks the norm and to push the boundaries of imagination. This is critical for capturing the attention of digital natives, who are already used to consuming content online in a typical manner.”

Plans are in the works to also release a version for the Mac App Store in February, followed by iPhone and Android apps.

Follow this link to download the app.

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