New Site Supports Ebook Lending for Kindle and Nook

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There’s a new website that that’s making a splash in the online ebook marketplace, according to The Digital Reader.

The new site is called and the reason for all the excitement surrounding it is that it does exactly what it sounds like it does – allows users to lend ebooks to and from others free of charge.

Here’s how it works. A user can post the eBooks that they have available to lend out (just so long as these eBooks are legally lendable on the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook e-readers). Then, if someone is interested in a book, that person can send a message over to the owner of the ebook and ask to borrow it.

Users will also have the option to charge eBookDollars for the ability to borrow any of their books, if they like. eBookDollars are the official online currency for eBook Lending Library and can be earned for various actions at the website including referring others, writing book reviews, making posts, and more. In fact, in addition to using them to borrow books from others, you could also use them to purchase merchandise from the website (a feature that is reportedly coming soon).

Currently in its BETA mode, the website has already received a large amount of interest from investors and readers of ebooks alike.

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