Sue Grafton Will Release “V” in December 2011

Sue Grafton, author of the Alphabet series (Kinsey Millhone), recently launched a Facebook page, and she has been busy updating her fans on the status of her next book. The title of “V” is still under wraps, but she says it will be in bookstores the first week of December 2011.

Grafton’s long running series follows private investigator Kinsey Millhone as she solves crimes in the fictional town of Santa Teresa, California. Since the titles of the books follow the alphabet (A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, etc.), there’s always a lot of speculation about the next title in the series. I’ve even heard of librarians running office pools to guess her titles. Grafton mentioned on Facebook that she was recently in Las Vegas to do research, so “Vegas” is a popular guess. “Vendetta” seems to be another common prediction.

So what do you think the title of “V” will be? I’m going to go on record and guess “Vengeance.” I can’t wait to see if I’m right!

UPDATE 6/2/2011: V is for Vengeance is now scheduled for November 21, 2011.

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