Barnes & Noble Discontinue Nook 3G

Nook 3G

While it’s true that Barnes & Noble is selling Nook products by the millions, the 3G seems to be one variant that hasn’t been doing its part to help out. According to Engadget, there is some hard evidence from within B&N that proves the company is planning to discontinue the Nook 3G.

Sales will reportedly continue on the Nook 3G until current stock is exhausted and they are encouraging retail partners to hold back on sending any bulk orders, as there simply won’t be enough product to fulfill them. Though it’s also being reported the company never actually received a huge amount of Nook 3G bulk orders to begin with, so maybe the trouble is simply that WiFi really is everywhere these days.

Either way, you might want to go get a Nook 3G post-haste if you’ve been thinking it over. Because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Then again, you could always wait for a next-gen version with a Pearl display.

Update: A clarification has been released saying that the discontinuation isn’t due to the lack of bulk sales, they’re just the first casualty of a dwindling supply.

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