Nearly 81% of eReaders Would Buy from Indie Bookstores

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Statistics are coming in left and right and it looks like the consensus is in. According to GalleyCat, nearly 81% of eReader owners would “likely” buy eBooks online from independent booksellers.

Well as long as the prices from the indies are competitive, that is. Which is understandable as I know that price is a big factor for me when purchasing a book. If I can find it cheaper somewhere, I’m going to buy it there, no matter who is doing the selling. I’ll gladly buy from an indie bookseller if they can give me a good price.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, director of programming of Digital Book World, spoke from the conference and introduced more statistics from the Consumer Book Survey. Sites like Google eBookstore allow indie booksellers to dell digital books, but it still hard for them to compete with the larger retailers.

More from Gonzalez:

“As in last year’s study, independent booksellers enjoy a slight mindshare advantage over their brick-and-mortar competitors . This year’s study found that, while the preference to shop with indies is greater with men and the college-educated, it’s much less so with women and those having higher household incomes. The higher [household income respondents] disproportionately prefer to shop at retail chains and online.”

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