Amazon is Selling More Kindle eBooks Than Paperbacks

In yet another sign that technology is rapidly changing things in the book world, Amazon announced yesterday that sales of Kindle ebooks are now outpacing paperback sales. Amazon hadn’t expected this to happen until the second quarter of 2011, so they reached this milestone even sooner than expected.

Amazon previously announced that Kindle books were outselling hardcovers, so that means the ebook is the most popular format on But it’s only barely beating the paperback. Amazon won’t release exact figures, but they do say that for every 100 paperbacks sold in 2010, they sold 115 Kindle books. During that same time, they sold three times as many Kindle books as hardcovers. These figures do NOT include free ebooks.

Fueling these Kindle book sales is the popularity of Amazon latest Kindle device. Amazon says “millions of third-generation Kindle devices” were sold in 2010, but won’t give an exact number. They add that the “third-generation Kindle eclipsed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the bestselling product in Amazon’s history.” Of course, Kindle books can be read on other devices too, such as iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, PC, BlackBerry and Android-based devices.

Personally, I’m not surprised by this news. Since I got my Kindle, I’m buying a lot more books because it’s just so convenient to be able purchase books from my home. When I hear about a great book, it’s nice to be able to download it right away.

So what do you think of this news? Do you buy more regular books or ebooks? What does this mean for bookstores?

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