Harper Collins to Publish Book Found on Inkpop.com

The Carrier of the Mark

HarperCollins Publishers has announced that it has acquired its first manuscript from inkpop.com.

The site is HarperTeen’s first interactive website for teen writing. The novel, The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon, will be published in Fall 2011.

The Carrier of the Mark is fresh and thrilling paranormal romance linking two teens to a supernatural destiny. Author Leigh Fallon uploaded The Carrier of the Mark in December of 2009 on inkpop.com. Manuscripts uploaded to inkpop.com compete to become Top Picks. At the end of every month the Top Five projects on the site’s Top Picks list are read and reviewed by Editors from HarperCollins Publishers.

Author Leigh Fallon said:

“When I received my review from HarperCollins, I was over the moon thrilled with it. There were also a lot of very real revision recommendations. I took everything that the editor had said and started working on revisions. I was in the throes of those revisions when I got an email from Erica, an editor at HarperCollins. She wanted to work with me on revisions if I was interested.”

HarperCollins Publishers is looking forward to announcing more acquisitions from inkpop. com in the coming months as well as presenting more opportunities for teen writers to present their writing and ideas for books to Editors at HarperCollins Publishers.

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