Microsom Publishing Trades Print Books for Kindles

Kindle vs books

I gotta say, this piece of news made me sit up and take notice this morning. According to GalleyCat, there is someone out there will to take your Kindle in trade for print books.

The place is Microcosm Publishing’s book and zine store in Portland, OR. Bring in a Kindle and they will trade it for a stack of print books. The same deal goes if you give up your eReader. The store will give you the equivalent amount in paper books.

The store offers this recommendation:

“[M]ake sure to bring a friend to help you carry all your loot; most of the store’s books are priced in the $2-$6 range so [with] a $139-$189 trade-in (note: going retail for the Kindle at Amazon’s site) you might be carrying your books out in a fleet of wheelbarrows!”

It raises an interesting question for me as I’ve really, really been wanting some sort of an eReader or Kindle. But at the same time I really, really love print books. I still have books that were given to me as a child and they come with me whenever I move into a new home, no matter how heavy all the boxes are. I re-read my books all the time, loving the feeling of re-capturing the same emotions I felt the first time I read the story. I don’t have a Kindle but with a deal like this I wonder if I would have been tempted to trade it in and get some “real” books.

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