Will iBooks Catalog Ever Catch up to Kindle Store?

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If you’ve been wondering just how long it would be before iBooks’ selection matches that of the Kindle store, it looks like you might be waiting a while. According to eBookNewser, Amazon spends all of the time and effort that they spend to format eBooks for the Kindle Store.

The question was posted on Quora (a new social networking site for questions), and Guido Bartolucci, a former engineer at Amazon, had a good answer.

Here is an excerpt from his response:

“There are lots of published books where either the publisher doesn’t have an electronic version of the book anymore or the printer made significant changes to the text before publishing. There are a surprisingly large number of these books, even recent ones. Amazon spends a lot of time and money to convert popular titles in this category to ebooks themselves (it’s much more involved than just simple OCR). That’s partially why Amazon is so far ahead of everyone else, no one else is willing to pay for the conversion.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Apple will start taking this approach as well.

Never heard of Quora? GalleyCat explains how it works:

“The site links to your Twitter or Facebook accounts, letting you interact with your friends while asking and answering questions. We recommend new users start with the Books, Bookstores, Libraries, Publishing, Self-Publishing or Creative Writing topics as they explore the rapidly growing site. Below, we’ve linked to five simple ways authors and publishers are using Quora.”

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