iPad-Only Newspaper Launched at $.99 Weekly or $39.99 Annually

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The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only magazine/newspaper, has been described as “The New York Post Goes to College.” And guess what, kids? According to Engadget.com, it is now a go.

Launched at a New York event, the newest addition to the e-reader family pledges to offer “the best of traditional journalism” with “the best of contemporary technology.” The will reportedly include features like 360 degree photos and, naturally, you can expect lots of fancy multimedia content that. All of which will be pushed directly to the iPad every day.

The publication is priced at $.99 per week or $39.99 annually and launched with Egypt taking the “cover” image. The team behind the new-age zine was eager to show off plenty of that technology – including a magazine-like reading interface, letting you flip through pages, and a “carousel,” that gives you a higher-level view of the pages for easier browsing.

The Daily includes audio versions so that users won’t have to worry about GPS voice, plus video overviews of all the content for those who just don’t have time for reading or listening. Users will be able to share stuff they like on Twitter or Facebook, allowing others to read those stories for free via the web — but not all the content, naturally. The site will also offer app reviews and features with links right to the App Store and sports fans will get full schedules and news updates for the teams they like.

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