Rachel Cohn Series Acquired by Disney-Hyperion

YA novelist Rachel Cohn has just sold a four-book sci-fi/fantasy series to Disney-Hyperion. According to Publishers Weekly, the books will start out with Beta (the inaugural title in the series), which will be published in fall 2012. The three remaining novels will appear each subsequent fall after that.

Cohn’s books are set in the bioengineered tropical island paradise of Annex, which is staffed by soul-less clones. Beta is about two teenage girls, one who is a human girl and the other who is her clone. Both become stranded in the Annex and fall in love with the same guy. The author reports that the inspiration for the plot came from a dream she had about a teenage clone, available for sale at a mall, who was purchased by the wife of a powerful figure. “I kept thinking about this idea, and it evolved into this series, taking many drastic turns along the way,” she says. The writer describes herself as a “closet sci-fi geek,” and has said that the series “is and isn’t” a dramatic departure from her previous fiction.

Says Cohn:

“I feel as though the voice I’m writing in is very much my own, but the setting is different and the stakes are higher. Usually I write about the world in front of me, and this is not that. It is a challenge, but I’m very happy and comfortable to be exploring new territory.”

She has also talked about the novelty of writing about a teenage clone “who is experiencing everything for the first time and is an open slate. Usually my characters, though young, tend to be street-wise.”

The series was acquired in a preemptive bid by Emily Meehan, who was impressed by what she calls Cohn’s “epic world-building.”

Says Meehan about Cohn’s work:

“I have long been a big fan of Rachel’s writing and the way her novels are voice- and character-driven. This series is much more plot-driven, and right away I knew that that and her well-known contemporary teen voice was the ultimate pairing. This series is something very new and different, which is what I’m always looking for. Rachel came up with a unique concept and ran with it.”

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