Global eBook Market Reports Rise of 200% in 2010

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According to a new report from Futuresource Consulting, the global eBook market grew by more than 200%, exceeding more than 90 million purchased eBooks in 2010, reports eBook Newser.

Fiona Hoy, market analyst at Futuresource Consulting said in a statement:

“This equates to a value of more $900 million and was largely attributable to growth in the US region, which represented more than 80% of global revenues last year.”

Hoy also reports the global increase was driven by growth in the US region, representing more than 80% of global revenues last year, just on its own. In addition, Western Europe represented about 10% of global eBook revenues, which was dominated by the UK market. Other countries are gaining as well, with the growth of local eBook businesses, and by 2014, Hoy expects that the U.S. revenues will only be 50% of the global eBook market.

Hoy also expects Western Europe’s share of global eBook to grow rapidly, as local-language content continues to grow as well:

“Western Europe’s share of global e-book revenues will grow significantly, contributing in excess of $6 billion towards global revenues in 2014.”

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