Motorola Xoom February 24 Launch Date Affirmed

Motorola Xoom

We’ve all heard that the Motorola Xoom was going to be launched on February 24, but sometimes hearing is not necessarily believing as companies bump back release dates all the time, right?

Well according to, the evidence for the launch of the Motorola Xoom on February 24th just became a little easier to believe. The website shows an image of a Best Buy ad that promises Moto’s Android tablet will be in stores a couple of weeks from now. It also shows that the tablet will come specially decorated with a daunting $799.99 sticker.

That price apparently agrees with earlier leaks on the matter, reportedly from Verizon’s own systems, so it looks like it’s shaping up to be an exciting end to February for Android fans. The flier in question reportedly also has some data tariffs on it, starting at $20 per month for a 1GB allowance and stretching up to a 10GB limit for $80 (identical to VZW’s pricing with the Galaxy Tab).

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