Multiple Books Coming About Packers Championship

Packers Superbowl Book

A few books are coming out to celebrate the Green Bay Packers victory in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

According to Publishers Weekly, the first publisher to throw their hat in the ring is Skyhorse Publishing. Following its acquisition of the assets late last year of Sports Publishing, Skyhorse Publishing has announced that it is resurrecting a Sports Publishing tradition. The publisher plans to release instant books about the winning teams of major sporting events, but rather than team with news organizations to write a quick book about a championship team, Skyhorse will use Sports Publishing’s backlist to update relevant titles.

To that end, and to mark the Green Bay Packers victory on Sunday, Skyhorse, is re-issuing Tales from the Green Bay Packers Sideline by Chuck Carlson. The book was first released in 2003 and updated in 2006 and will now include a new chapter from Carlson about the Packers’ Sunday win. Skyhorse is also adding a new cover and removing former Packer quarterback Brett Favre in favor of Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers. They expect to ship the hardcover this Thursday and announced a 25,000- copy first printing. However, because the publisher is still converting much of Sport Publishing’s backlist, an e-book edition won’t be available for about three months.

But Skyhorse Publishing isn’t the only one looking to cash-in with a Packer-related book, according to another story at Publisher’s Weekly. Triumph Books, which has a history of doing books on winning sports teams, has also announced a new book, as has Wisconsin-based KCI Sports Publishing.

Usually, partnering with the winning team’s local newspaper to produce the commemorative books for which the Random House imprint is renowned, Trimph is changing things up a bit this time. Now they have partnered with the Packers franchise itself to produce Return to TitleTown: The Remarkable Story of the 2010 Green Bay Packers, the team’s official commemorative publication of their fourth Super Bowl win. The 128-page paperback is set retail for $14.95, with a 160-page expanded collector’s hardcover edition that will retail for $24.95. Return to TitleTown was printed earlier this week in a 65,000-copy initial print run and is expected to dropship Wednesday. The book is expected to be available, according to publisher Mitch Rogatz, at every retail outlet in Wisconsin by Friday, including several hundred copies at the Packers Pro Shop at Green Bay’s Lambeau Field.

Rogatz said:

“Books will be sent by the weekend everywhere anything is sold. We’re blanketing the state of Wisconsin.”

Meanwhile, KCI Sports Publishing has collaborated with the Milwaukee Journal to produce another commemorative book about the Super Bowl: The Pack is Back: How the Green Bay Packers Won Their 13th NFL Championship. The book reportedly shipped less than 48 hours after the game ended Sunday evening. The Pack Is Back, with a print run of 45,000 copies, will be available in a hardcover edition retailing at $24.95, as well as in a paper edition that will for $15.95.

Peter Clark, KCI’s publisher stated:

“As a Wisconsin-based publishing company it is a great pleasure in printing a Super Bowl championship book for our beloved Packers.”

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